Our Approach

We love to meet business owners and assist them to grow through the implementation of effective marketing and communications. We listen to your ideas (or suggest some if you would like!) and review your current status. We then plan together to achieve real results. We are experts at breaking this down into manageable chunks while understanding your budget and time restrictions in your businesses.

Our Story

Wow! What a great journey we have been on. From humble beginnings in supermarkets and restaurants to the high flying years in competitive marketing departments in Coca-Cola and huge telecomms companies. Then a decade in professional service firms. And finally, the jewel on the crown, consulting to many amazing businesses and organisations to share all the learning. We are very fortunate and want to share our love of marketing, communications and business with you.


Why the dog?

The dog silhouette in our logo represents the type of consultants House of Marketing are.  We are loyal and committed to helping your business. - an extension of your business family. What better way to represent this relationship than a loyal and dedicated dog?!  What would you choose for your logo and why?



Natalie O'Gorman


A professional and personable marketing, communications and business consultant. Nat loves learning about businesses and advancing them to their goals through effective planning, implementation of new systems, team building and effective marketing and communications strategies. Nat is passionate about people working to their strengths, and leaders in organisations being accountable and open to growth. Nat has experience in the marketing giants of Coca Cola and Eircom, but has also spent the last decade working with professional services firms to focus on retention, leadership and marketing & communication strategies that she is passionate about. Nat is also skilled in current digital technologies that improve marketing and communications outcomes.

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Sue Gribble

Sue Gribble

Client Marketing Manager

With more than 20 years working in marketing Sue brings a wealth of experience and maturity to the team. Sue has experience in retail, tourism and hospitality sectors for brands including Hilton Hotels, Conrad International Hotels, Dreamworld & WhiteWater World and IGA supermarkets. Sue loves working with and mentoring the bright young minds that make up the team here at House of Marketing. She has a lot of professional and life experiences to share and is always keen to help where she can. A Brisbane local, Sue has travelled to many parts of the world but loves all that her hometown has to offer. Married with two children, her weekends are usually spent Ubering children to sports games and parties.


Sarah Tran

Marketing Coordinator

Sarah is a digital marketing natural. Sarah brings great energy to our team. Sarah has a fresh way of looking at brands and is able to blend imagery and content to make marketing and communications strategies sing!  Sarah blends her unique skillsets to implement marketing strategies using her design, digital, website building and traditional marketing skills.

Creating newsletters, annual reports, building social media profiles and designing company signage is all in a day's work for Sarah. Highly motivated, productivity is sky high when Sarah's on board for your project.  Sarah completed a degree in Marketing from UQ following on from her degree in Psychology. Studious and capable is our Sarah.


Caitlin Crockett

Marketing Administrator

Working on all things digital Caitlin adds exceptional versatility in our team. Comfortable writing business processes, delivering marketing campaigns, managing social media accounts, SEO management or ongoing projects, is all in a day's work for Caitlin. Studying a double degree in Marketing and Law in her 'free time' Caitlin is well suited to support out professional service clients. Even with her demanding life Caitlin is always calm, helpful and kind. Values we love at HOM!


Adam Bradford

Graphic Designer

Having an eye for design and being savvy on graphic design tools, is all in a day's work for Adam. From designing logos, creating brand guidelines, building infographics, developing advertising content and being a fantastic photographer, Adam is the man who can turns ideas into engaging visual design.

A creative visual artist and a genuinely nice guy make Adam a real asset on our team.



anna website snip

Anna Coyne

PR & Communications

Anna is a wordsmith. Anna spends her days working on content for our clients, whether it be a blog, article editing & reviewing, writing website content, marketing materials, media releases and PR related work.  Anna also assists clients to update and develop their thought leadership skills through the development of suitable materials, strategies and advertising. Anna has further developed her skills through completing a degree in Communications. Anna is a true professional and our quiet achiever.


Melissa Shelton

Melissa Shelton

Client Marketing Manager

Melissa is a capable, friendly and detailed Client Marketing Manager who has experience across a wide range of beauty, lifestyle & building products brands. Melissa has superb digital marketing skills and has skills to merge the best of both traditional and digital marketing methods together to create the 'best of both worlds' for our clients.

Olive Consistent 2


The Boss

Having an eye on the 'treats' drawer, while on anyone eating snacks in the office at the same time, Olive, our office companion, is a true multi-tasker! Olive is great at cleaning the floors, and letting us know if it's time to take a 10 minute break and walk around the block. Blessed with 'selective listening' Olive pretty much does whatever she likes and gets away with it!  In saying that, she does create many great photo opportunities and it just wouldn't be the same without her.




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Are you an experienced marketing, communications or design professional looking for work? Or perhaps you are fresh out of uni & looking for some great diverse learning? We often have full-time and part-time positions available and will consider anyone who shows initiative, accountability, grit, intelligence and is a kind and genuine team player. Send details to hello@houseofmarketing.com.au today!


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