consulting options

We offer various consulting options.

Our popular Review & Plan is where we visit you for 2-3 hours onsite and carry out a review with you of your business. This is then followed up with an extensive recommended Marketing Plan. Prices vary between $2,500-$5,000 for this service.  We can Skype with remote or country based businesses.

Project Consulting is when we advise and develop set projects for you- Branding refresh, Event Management, Business Planning support, CRM set up, Campaign development, Social media campaigns etc.

Ongoing marketing Services

Our team provide your business with senior marketing skills and management without the expense of a marketing department. What's not to love?

Marketing for U is where we implement your marketing plan for you. We have found this is the best way to implement effective marketing strategy in small and medium business. It is kind to your cash flow, with a fee being paid monthly and provides your business with a very senior level of marketing strategy and skills to utilise. This is provided at a cost less than a junior marketing coordinator. It just makes good sense.

project work

Businesses require various services. perhaps you need a Brand Refresh, Marketing Strategy, some Advertising arranged, Design work completed, Annual reports developed, project plans written, Training of internal teams, CRM advice, Database development, Client Care campaign, Email and Social Media assistance.  We can assist you with all your needs.

Every business is unique and there is no one plan that will suit everyone. At House of Marketing, our very real curiosity and passion in understanding businesses and finding solutions to 'take your pain away', so you can focus on your core business, is our strength.


How to know what my business needs?

Stop, think, focus, get specific. We can show you how. Businesses need to be clever, careful and considered to achieve results. It is possible, but it all starts with having an overall effective Business Plan. Do you have one?  We can help you write one. It is essential for your Marketing and Communications strategy to come down through your Business plan to get the best results.

Learn about your key business numbers

Many business owners do not report effectively and understand core business numbers. Do you? If not, we can help you.

The numbers hold the answers, and the answers determine the action required to plan forward. With action, positive change can occur and grow your business. Your marketing and communications strategy will function to tell your world why they need your business and bring them to you as a lead.

Above angle of mature business partners hands during analysis of marketing

Next Steps...

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