Ask us anything! No question is too ridiculous.  Email or call us if you can't find an answer you need.  We are a passionate, helpful, experienced and willing team.

I don't know what to ask for but I know I need something?

To start with, you are someone we admire. Being action oriented will help your business to fly. Please call or email us.  There is no pressure and we assist you to gain insight so you become aware of what you should be doing and why.

How much do you charge?

The hard one! Well, good news, it's not really. We do charge our services on a client by client basis, but there are some general rules to assist your planning process.   Usually, our work falls under one of these headings

  • Analysis, Review, Plan (Marketing Plan) Set fee range $2,500-5000 (determined by size and complexity of your business)
  • Ongoing management of your marketing is typically $2,000-5,000 per month for a small business (depends on the quantity of marketing work agreed to, advertising requirements, content creation and other types of marketing activities). Larger businesses with growth plans or high volume graphic design involved usually sit between $7,000 - $10,000 per month.
  • Project work costs are varied on requirements.

Clients regularly ask us to do their Marketing Plan, and then realise they'd like us to implement it for them on an ongoing basis. This is often cost-effective as the value in not employing someone to do this work in your business, teamed with our experience and capability, creates a lovely synergy for us to work together.

If we carry out a Marketing Plan for you and then you would like us to implement this we reduce the original fee to reflect our thanks and commitment to your business. Some clients are able to implement plans themselves if they have the capacity to do so. Whatever you choose, we are always happy when the phone rings and encourage you, and any business considering their marketing, to call.

Umm, excuse me, but what is marketing?

Great question! Marketing is what your business must do to promote and sell your services. Easy? Not always, but there are many strategies to help. That's where we come in and assist your business.

Why would you choose us over another marketing business?

We have total understanding and experience in managing a business. While Marketing and Communications is our passion, we have run many businesses, both large and small and can add so much value to your business, way beyond the marketing function in everything we do.

This means we truly understand the nature of cash flow considerations, the inability to do everything at once, the difficulty business owners have in finding time for marketing focus and the importance of your marketing budget being spent in the best areas.

This places us in a unique position to offer you true value and collaboration in your business.